upcoming GIGS and projects



JAN 18th                      National Gallery, Edinburgh w Luc McNally

JAN 24th                     Celtic Connections – Hannah Rarity and Cathal McConnell in Strathclyde Suite,                                                   Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

JAN 28th                      Celtic Connections – BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year Final 2018, City Halls

MAR 4th                       Largs Folk Nights

MAR 15th                     Scottish Thistle Awards, Visit Scotland, EICC

MAR 22nd                    Young at Heart Festival w Luc McNally

MAR 28th                     Irvine Folk Club

APR 8th                       Parliament Hall (TBC), St Andrew's University

APR 21st                       Caledonian Fiddle Orchestra, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

MAY 25th                      Stonehaven Folk Club

JUN 9th                         Gower Folk Festival w Luc McNally     

JUL 6th                         Newton Stewart & Minnigaff Traditional Music & Dance Festival

JUL 7th                          Folk at the Hall, Trelawynd, North Wales

JUL 14th - 15th             Tiree Music Festival

JUL 21st                        Music at Paxton Festival w Luc McNally

JUL 30th                       Aberdour Festival, Woodside Hotel, Abderdour

JUL 31st                        NYCoS Summer School, Merchiston Castle Boys School, Colinton

AUG TBC                       Edinburgh Festival Fringe

AUG 28th                      Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

SEP 9th                          Best of the West, Inverary Castle

SEP 18th                         Star Folk Club 

SEP 30th                        Torphichen Summer Nights

OCT 3rd                         Aberdeen Folk Club

OCT 4th                         Falkirk Folk Club

OCT 6th                         Craigie Folk Club

OCT 15th - 19th              Blazin' in Beauly

OCT 22nd                      Glenfarg Folk Club

NOV 7th – 20th             Highland Blast Tour, Germany

NOV 25th                       A play by David Dewar - Dumfries House by Cumnock Ayrshire

DEC 1st                           MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards